Current Status Level Green (Click for more information)

As of 8-3-20, our level is Green*


-Cleaning and disinfecting will be done throughout the day.
-Visitors allowed inside the building with administrator permission only, masks highly recommended.
-Students and staff will be screened for a temperature before school and during day.
-Social distancing will be practiced when possible.
-Masks are highly recommended for staff when social distancing is not possible.
-Masks are highly recommended for students when social distancing is not possible.
-Bus riders are recommended to wear masks.
-Students/Staff will be sent home if they are exhibiting 3 or more common symptoms of COVID19. Negative COVID19 test or release from medical professional required prior to return to school.
-Restrictions for spectators at activities TBD.

*Please Note: Please be prepared for restrictions or level to change at any time. Our priorities are in keeping our students and staff safe and in school long term. Students and staff should have masks available. Any parents who do not plan to send your child to school, please phone your principal to discuss distance learning options.

Elementary- Mr. Pursley 993-4225
Middle School- Mr. Blair 993-4252
High School- Mr. Koele 993-4226


- If your child is not feeling well, has a fever of 100 or more or has multiple common COVID19 symptoms, keep your child at home.
-Do not give a fever reducer within 12 hours prior to a student attending school.
-Students who are sent home or kept home due to fever only, may return after being fever free for 24 hours.

In the 3 situations detailed below, a student must seek guidance and release from a doctor or the health department. Student/Parent must provide a note from a doctor or the health department that specifically states when he/she may return to school.

1. When a student is evaluated by a doctor for COVID symptoms.
2. When a student has traveled out of state. (possible 14 day quarantine)
3. Students who have had direct contact, in excess of 10 minutes with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19.

Contact the school principal with any questions.

Today's Menu

High School


Mr. Randy Dougherty

Ph: 417.993.4226

Fax: 417.993.5947


Foster Care Liaison

Mrs. Kelli Cheek

Ph: 417-993-4226

Fax: 417-993-5947

Middle School


Mr. Jason Blair

Ph: 417.993.4254

Fax: 417.993.5948


Foster Care Liaison

Mrs. Tammy Smith

Ph: 417-993-5254

Fax: 417-993-0216

Elementary School


Mr. Jason Purley

Ph: 417.993.4225

Fax: 417.993.0216


Foster Care Liaison

Mrs. Tammy Smith

Ph: 417-993-5254

Fax: 417-993-0216

Central Office


Dr. Mark Beem

Ph: 417.993.4241

Fax: 417.993.4269

Hickory County R-1 (043-001) 20663 US Highway 65, Urbana, Missouri 65767